I’ve often thought that The Wine House would make for a great concept for a reality show. You never know what’s going to happen. Why just the other day a couple walked in to “take a look around”. As they perused our selections, the lady exclaimed,“White Burgundy?!? I’ve never heard of White Burgundy. Is it new?” At least Tom was here to handle the situation professionally. It was disclosed later that they owned a wine shop in Florida. Really? The same day, a few hours later, a man walked in with his 11 year old daughter. He walked up to Chris and asked him where he might find the Maltroye wines, when his daughter interrupted him pointing out, “Dad, over there, White Burgundy!” If you think about it, it would make for some interesting TV. We’ve all been working together for several years, and we’re like a little family here. We share our joys, frustrations, recipes, shopping tips, and anything else pertinent with each other, usually amidst much hilarity. From a professional point of view, the most important thing that we all share are our experiences with wine. One of my recent shares had to do with a new vintage of a favorite wine of mine, Ca’Lojera’s Cabernet Sauvignon.



Most of my good friends are also TWH customers, and that just makes sense. It’s a great service that all of us here at TWH are happy to provide; we get to know your respective palates, we recommend wines that you’ll love. I was to have dinner at a good friend’s house the other night, and as things simmered on the stove top, I was handed a corkscrew and bottle of2009 Ca’Lojera Cabernet Sauvignon.Recognizing it as an old friend, it had momentarily slipped my memory that this would be my first time tasting the new vintage. Funny coincidence, it was this time last year when I wrote up the 2008. I poured out a couple of glasses, and just as with the 2008, we’re talking old school Cabernet here. No oaky influence, no massive extract, just pure farmer’s wine courtesy of Franco Tiraboschi. It has an array of complexity ranging from earthy notes, racy dark red fruit, and a hint of bell pepper. I was immediately struck by all that complexity on the nose, so I went in for a taste. Another winner! All that complexity held up nicely, all wrapped in harmonious structure. As I’ve said before, it kind of reminds me of my early days of wine tasting, which were mostly old school California Cabernets. There’s just something charming about that informality. If Château Latour is a black-tie event, then Ambra and Franco Tiraboschi’s 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Monte della Guardia is like a visit to a dude ranch.



I came in to work the next day and started yapping about the wine. Again, it then led to a great conversation, with Anya regaling us with the virtues of old school winemaking practices which result inmore complexity and less uniformity. If you’re a wine geek like we all are, then you would appreciate this wine. Reality TV. Sure, it would be a great idea, but the more I think about it, all those cameras and boom stands would probably get in the way. It’s probably best for us to just keep doing what we’re doing the way we do it. Speaking of which, I am thrilled that our next Bordeaux container is 2 weeks away! For upon it are some great wines that you all will be hearing about very soon. Yeah, it’s better this way. Better for us. Better for you. Reality TV, what a stupid idea. The 2009 Ca’Lojera Cabernet Sauvignon, now that’s a great idea! – Peter Zavialoff


Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments on old school Cabernet, our next Bordeaux container, Reality TV, or the glorious start to footy season: peter.winehouse@sbcglobal.net