It’s been a banner week here at TWH! A new Taste of Burgundy, a grand staff tasting with Stefan Jakoby of Jakoby Pur,and now Anya is regaling us of a trip she took to Champagne all those years ago. Getting Anya to talk about Champagne is tantamount to getting me to talk about Sauternes. I’ll save that for another email, but another great thing that happened this week was tasting Daniel Hecquet’s 2010 Château Puy-Servain Montravel Vieilles Vignes.



Daniel has been a good friend of ours for a long time. He makes great wines without compromise, and sells them for a more-than-fair price. If you engage him in conversation, his passion and emotion for wine will bowl you over. I will mention once again that he once moved a member of our staff to tears while talking about his vineyards. It’s impossible to resist his charm when it comes to food and wine, trust me. I’ve juggled my usually full Bordeaux schedule around more than once due to a tasting, a lunch, or dinner with the man and his wife Catherine. Technically, Montravel sits just across the river from Bordeaux’s eastern frontier, and Daniel sometimes laments this as he “could sell his wines for much more if they were from Bordeaux proper.” For his and Catherine’s sake, I wish things could have been different. For the sake of those of us who love high-quality wines with low price tags, I rejoice!


The 2009 Montravel Vieilles Vignes made our Top Ten List of 2011. It was that good! The 2010 could very well be on course to be better. Or, at least that’s what a good pal of mine and I thought when we paired it with a couple of Montreal rib-eye steaks the other night. Its aromatics were deep and complex. I picked up things like chocolate, dark cherry, wet earth, cinnamon, and cola. On the palate, it was full bodied, with darker, purple fruit present. It gained in intensity as the fruit, tannins, and acidity bound together seamlessly. You can really feel the weight and the structure on the lengthy finish. My conclusion is that this is a fine wine, and it will continue to be for many years. I’ve said it before, but if you sneak this wine into a blind St. Emilion tasting, you will fool a lot of tasters. Factor in the price, and we’ve got yet another winner with “Imported by Wine House Limited” on the back label. 



When it comes to wine, it’s good to have choices. I’m very happy that we import Daniel’s wines from Château Puy-Servain.  As I wrote a fortnight ago, I’ve got the sparkling wine covered. 21 days of BirthdayFest begin tomorrow, and though there are special bottles earmarked for particular days of the Fest, I will certainly enjoy another bottle of Daniel Hecquet’s 2010 Château Puy-Servain Montravel Vieilles Vignes at some point. At such a price, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were more than one bottle; three weeks is a long time! – Peter Zavialoff


Good times: Footy’s back, the band has a gig tomorrow, Anya and her family are rumored to be in attendance (it is in their neighborhood), and I’ll be taking a few days off next week. So yeah, good times. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments about Bordeaux, Montravel, Daniel Hecquet, or English Football: