Happy Independence Day! We hope you’re all having a wonderful long weekend, capped off bya festive 4th. Our staff is taking what is along weekend ourselves, being closed both days this weekend, butwe’ll be back on Monday! In the meantime, what do we do with a long weekend? That’s easy. Several customers asked me on Friday what I was doing. My answer was, rest, relax, get some sun, go on a hike, meet some friends,eat some good food, and drink some good wine. Another customer asked me what I’ve been drinking lately, and without giving it much thought (as I visualized my recycle bin), I said Rosé and Bordeaux. That is true, of course, but then I remembered something.I remembered the 2012 Domaine Sylvain Langoureau Saint-Aubin 1er CruEn Remilly I had last week!


Wow! That’s a tough one to forget. Not quite as bad as the time I had to call the host of one of our Bordeaux tasting group’s most decadent dinners to ask, “We’ve been going over each bottle from last night’s tasting for a half hour, and could only think of seven. What was the eighth?”
“Well, what are the seven you thought of?”
After I told him, he laughed at first, then berated me (in a friendly way), and busted my chops that I forgot about the 1985 Margaux!
So, yeah. Not quite as bad as that, but still, if you love Chardonnay; Old World Chardonnay, the 2012 Saint-Aubin 1er Cru En Remilly from Langoureau is pretty special stuff.
It’s fairly well documented that despite my passion/obsession with the wines of Bordeaux, I have a thing for Chardonnay too. It started with local representations; but it wasn’t long at all before I was sitting in a friend’s apartment in Foster City listening to a salesperson tell me about Mâcon Villages. I bought a case of the French stuff, and put it in my trunk. This was back in my baseball playing days, and the case made it to the next game. As was customary back then, when the games were finished, the team would get together afterwards and pull out the ice chest. I have to admit, I received some sideways looks from a couple of my teammates when they discovered white wine in the ice chest, but I was a persuasive teammate and had a handful of baseball jocks sipping French Chardonnay after the game!
Fast forward to the present, and I have to say that every bottling of Langoureau’s Saint-Aubin En Remillythat I’ve tasted has been outstanding. This 2012 is already revealing layers of aromatic pleasure ranging fromstone fruits, blossoms, minerals, and just the perfect hint of vanilla spice. The palate is zesty and expressive, yet subtle and delicate. The deft use of oak is much appreciated as the finish is a slow fade of crisp joy. After a long hot day, a chilled glass of Premier Cru En Remilly was the bomb with, get this: tomato & melon gazpacho, maine lobster, cucumber & avocado salad, lemon olive oil, and crostini. Yeah, that was a good way to finish the day. It’s not exactly a bargain wine, but if one considers what Premier Cru white Burgundy usually goes for, it absolutely IS a bargain. A big one at that.
Seeing that it is a holiday weekend, that would be special occasion enough to enjoy a bottle of the 2012 Sylvain Langoureau Saint-Aubin 1er Cru En Remilly. Better yet, I’m going to share a bottle with some great friends who are kind enough to host these good friends, good food, and good wine events. Happy Independence Weekend! – Peter Zavialoff
Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments about Chardonnay, Independence Day, or English football: peter@wineSF.com