And just like that, it’s December! Our 35th Anniversary Sale has been going strong for almost a month now, and it’s just a great time of year to be working here at TWH. I’ve seen so many customers in the past few weeks and I always enjoy uncovering great deals for your individual palates. Why just last night, while dining at the home of a friend (who also happens to be a TWH customer), I dropped off a case of Bordeaux futures that recently arrived, and thanked him for having trust in my palate. His response was, “Pete, I trust your palate implicitly.” It’s great. I know what he likes, and when I taste something that I know will work, I tell him about it. I am happy to do the same for many of you … especially during sale time. During sale time, it’s difficult not to notice drastic price reductions among the fancier wines. What was once out of reach becomes a thought for either a gift or maybe a special occasion. That’s what I was on about in my last Sunday email; a special occasion wine for a very fair price. Well, this week it’s different. This week I’ve found something great that’s on sale for $13.95. This week I’ve found something with a strong reputation and pedigree. This week I found the2011 Sancerre Rosé Apud Sariacum by Philippe Raimbault!
Chances are, if you asked me about the 2011 Apud Sariacum Sancerre Rosé, I would have immediately asked, “Do you like mineral-driven Rosé?” It is unmistakable. As is the complexity of this wine. While many of our Rosé selections are easy to drink, light, and refreshing, this one is for the wine lover that’s looking for something a little more serious. I often extol the virtues of sipping Rosé while I work in a hot kitchen, as it is refreshing and cools me down (not to mention, it’s handy in case something on the stove needs a dash or two of wine). I would NOT recommend this Rosé for that purpose. If I have 2 burners, an oven, and a glass of 2011 Apud Sariacum Rosé going, I’m liable to burn something. I would be lost with my nose in a wineglass before I could smell the smoke. I am NOT kidding. This wine is that special.


Before I started writing today, to set the mood, I decided to pop a bottle in the cold box and share a taste with Anya and Tom. What a great idea!!! The first thing that gets me is the mineral. “Chalky, dusty, strawberry, rocks and rhubarb, geranium leaves, a savory component that adds an extra dimension.” Seriously, those were the words we bandied about … and we were only taking in the aromas. This is a sophisticated Rosé. I could easily (and I did) just smell this wine for minutes before even THINKING about taking a sip. There’s so much there. On the palate, it is pure heaven. Fresh and bright, just a hint of fruit – savory fruit balanced by lively acidity wrapped around a rocky mineral core that finishes with a very faint hint of honey. Bravo! This Rosé rocks my world! Apparently, I’m not the only one. Last year’s version was well received by this gent, and that’s an understatement! He was recommending it at “about $25 per bottle.” Again, as part of our 35th Anniversary Sale, it’s only $13.95. To quote one of today’s customers, “If I had a conscience, I’d feel like I’m stealing.” We invite you to “steal” some of this wine. Again, this is a serious Rosé. It’s not one of those “only good when they’re fresh” Rosés. This will still be drinking fine well into the summer of 2013.We’ve got a few cases left, our apologies when it sells out.

We’ve decided to extend our Anniversary Sale through (at least) the first 2 weeks of December. Though many wines have sold out, there’s still plenty to choose from. If a sophisticated Rosé with pedigree and an amazing swath of complexity is something that tickles your fancy,please allow me to bang on the table and shout, The 2011 Apud Sariacum Sancerre Rosé by Philippe Raimbault is the wine for you!Peter Zavialoff


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