40th Anniversary Sale!

Special Prices For Special Bottles For Your Upcoming Special Occasions

If you're going to launch a business in November ...

your anniversary is always going to be around Thanksgiving.  A holiday of that magnitude may steal the thunder of any anniversary celebrations, unless of course, you're a wine merchant!  As many of you know, our anniversary celebration comes with a big sale which coincides with the most festive season!  It's our way of saying thank you to our customers for your support throughout the year.

Inspired by a long time customer's request, "for 6 nice bottles from your sale to serve to guests on Thanksgiving," I made some choices.  The parameters were, "something nice, try to keep it under $50 per bottle (on average), and let's do one Champagne, two whites, two reds, and something sweet."  My personal inclination is to question why the sweet wine is relegated to the end, but my personal inclinations are just that.  This customer also shared the fact that they have eschewed the traditional Thanksgiving meal in favor of surf & turf.  Okay, the wheels were turning; being someone's personal wine shopper can be a fun gig; living vicariously and all.   Here's the what and why ... - Peter Zavialoff




Reg. $54.98

SALE $39.95

Let's get this party started.  What better way than rosé Champagne? 

Dry and crisp with a kiss of red fruit.  Very nice!

2012 Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru

Les Sentiers

Reg. $91.99

SALE $59.95

Stéphane Magnien has vines in some fantastic vineyards.  The 2012 Chambolle Sentiers will steal the show at this dinner. This is special stuff here!  
2014 Chateau de la Matroye


Reg. $57.99

SALE $39.95

How about following that up with some fine white Burgundy from what critics are calling the best vintage in a long, long, time?  "Lovely stuff and worth a look." - Allen Meadows, Burghound

Chateau les Grandes Murailles


Reg. $49.98

SALE $39.95

This tiny property atop the plateau near the village of St. Emilion is now run by the same team as neighbor Clos Fourtet, whose 2012 is also on sale ... for twice as much.  This is the real deal!
2011 Maison Dampt Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos

Reg. $74.99

SALE $49.95

Talking about "nice" bottles; here's one from Chablis' most prestigious Grand Cru!  Spicy, crisp, and mineral driven.


2007 Chateau Suduiraut



Reg. $48.98

SALE $39.95

With all the goodness preceding it, the 2007 Suduiraut will certainly be the icing on the cake of this or any dinner.  Don't be afraid to try it as an aperitif either!