When discussing the lives of us kids and the choices we’ve made, my Auntie Jo will conclude by saying, “different…just different.” So if you’re someone who believes different can be good, well then, have I got a wine for you – a Pinot Noir from Macedonia! Landlocked Macedonia has an ancient viticultural history. The mountainous country is hot, with ample winds making it ideal for grape growing. The 2010 Macedon Pinot Noir comes from Gradsko in the Tikves Wine region, which experiences the confluence of a rugged mountainous climate with the winds from the Aegean Sea, yielding an area with virtually no rain and ample wind, or so I am told. Actually, a handy little tech sheet about the wine was provided for me, but I soon discovered it contained some faulty information. A bit of online research left me frustrated and no better informed. To remedy this, Pete suggested taking a field trip over there. The perfect solution, you clever man! Anyway, the 2010 Macedon came to us via a small importer of mostly limited-production Italian wines. It was through one of their producers, Slovenian cult winemaker Edi Simcic that this modern Macedonian winery came to their attention. A collaboration between them begat Macedon, an un-oaked Pinot Noir from 40 plus year old vines. Like another popular entry in the Pinot Noir from Other Parts, the 2008 Avitus, the 2010 Macedon is fresh and lively with red berry and strawberry fruit flavors that hint at moist earth on the palate. The lack of oak barreling creates a fruity red that is light on its feet with a sheerness that highlights the magical opaque quality of Pinot Noir. The 2010 Macedon is a light and pretty Pinot Noir for which salmon and fowl are called for on the plate.

At TWH it’s beginning to look at lot like…Champagne time! Ah yes, my favorite time of year. The panic and anxiety of end of year craziness hasn’t yet hit me; I’m still in full denial of the many obligations and expectations I have yet to fulfill. I already know that I’ll be doing the majority of my gift-giving shopping here at TWH, and fortunately we have wines priced at all levels so whether I need a bottle of something good and affordable for the guys at the auto shop, something unique and quirky for my daughter’s art teacher who has taught her to know to add more texture to her snowman or a bottle with cache and aging-potential for the label-conscious wine-collector, I know I’m covered. I probably have mentioned this before, and it is worth noting again especially this time of year, that we do carry many domestic wines that have limited availability and therefore rarely make it to print. I have listed an Addendum below with such notables. Please keep in mind that these wines are indeed limited.


HOLIDAY HOURS UPDATE: As a convenience to those who are not able to visit our store during normal business hours (and for those who just like to hang out with us) we will be open two Sundays, December 16th and 23rd, from noon to 4pm. —Anya Balistreri