The newest addition to our Italian portfolio, which at present includesCa’Lojera, Montenidoli, Picollo, and Tenuta Pierazzuoli, is Prosecco producer, Giavi. Established in 1914, this estate is currently run by enterprising young Marco Cuscito. David had been looking for a Prosecco to import and had narrowed it down to a couple of producers. It was foremost the quality of the wine and then Marco’s vision and plans to push the winery forward that made Giavi the obvious choice. The popularity of Prosecco has skyrocketed in the US over the last few years as lovers of bubbly looked to downsize from Champagne’s top-tier price tags. The Italians wisely met this up tick in sales with a new classification for Prosecco, creating Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG in 2009 to designate Prosecco’s “sweet spot”. It is here that you will find Giavi. Not far from the town of Conegliano, up Monticella hill, Giavi has a little over 17 acres planted. Per DOCG regulations up to 15% can be other grapes, like Chardonnay, but at Giavi it is 100% Glera, a grape more commonly know as Prosecco.


When pouring a glass, I immediately become dazzled by the frosty white perlage floating to the top of the glass. The bubbles form a creamy texture on the palate and are met with a fresh grape burst of flavor, ending with a refreshing zip on the finish. It is not bone-dry, as Prosecco typically isn’t, but it sits drier than most and is technically a Brut. As such it is lovely on its own or with little bite-sized snacks. My last visit to Venice was only for a day. Tony and I knew it would be impossible to hit all the tourist spots and, anyway, we had been there before, so our goal was to drink a glass of Prosecco every hour on the hour wherever we found ourselves. What a perfect way to spend a day in Venice! Coincidentally, a customer of TWH who regularly visits Venice, came to us not too long ago and asked, “I know this is a long-shot, but have you heard of a Prosecco producer called Giavi? I don’t know if they are imported into the US yet, but it is probably the best Prosecco I’ve ever tasted.” We all looked at each other, wondering where the cameras were hidden, because you just can’t script a lead-in so perfectly. Without a word we pointed to our stack of newly arrived Giavi. Our customer, as you would guess, was gobsmacked, yet was delighted to go home with a box.


Needles are falling down off of Redwoods, I took my first trip toWalkers Apple Farm (only 2 varieties in; a late season), and my daughter has begun 3rd grade! I can smell Autumn approaching fast. It gets me to thinking about late-summer porch parties where a starter of Prosecco always sets the mood for conviviality. A salty snack of cured ham with a favorite fruit would be a smart way to go. I know many of you are early planners, so I would like to point out that Giavi’s Prosecco Superiore is a sophisticated alternative to pricier sparklers for gifts and parties.  Get a jump start on end of year celebrations by loading up with Giavi’s Prosecco Superiore! Va Bene! —Anya Balistreri