Happy New Year! In the wake of the chaos of all things holiday, we now have the time to catch up on all we missed as the blur of turkey, parties, presents, family, and bubbly has gone by like a runaway TGV train. So as we ease back to normalcy, we offer a capital idea: The Dirty Dozen. 12 bottles of wine, 6 white and 6 red, as different from each other as we could pick them, all in one box for the unbelievable price of $109 Happy New Year!

2006 Petite Cassagne Blanc- $9.99, reorder $7.99
Tried any white wines from in or around the Rhône from the 2006 vintage? If not, you’d better get on board before the point-chasers get involved. Always known for their zesty, fleshy fruit, the ‘06’s show more zippy acidity which puts them over the top when compared to other vintages. How can you resist at this price? Chicken with rosemary works here.

2006 Chardonnay, Madigan- $12.98 net price, reorder $11.68
We all have heard the stories, and most of us have told them as well. We’re talking about ye olde, “I remember when Chateau such and such was 10 bucks, etc.” California Chardonnays are no exception, as many have doubled in price in the last decade. Madigan is the 2nd label of White Rock, and it’s amazing what they can do for under $13! Crack the crab!

2006 Marsanne/Viognier, Boudinaud – $12.99, reorder $10.39
Another 2006 white, another winner. The aromatics hint at tropical fruit, the palate is dry, revealing fleshy fruit, and the acidity braces the whole ball of wax through to the finish which is crisp and clean. Pour this one along side some fettucine in a cream sauce with a little lemon zest. Bonus points if you toss in some sea scallops.

2005 Montravel Blanc, Château Calabre- $7.95 sale price, reorder $7.55
Just like the white wines of Bordeaux, this Montravel Blanc is made from Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, and this one adds 10% Muscadelle. A steal at $7.95, this wine works well as a party starter or as a cocktail wine, but don’t hesitate to pop one with your meal, especially if it’s clam & garlic pizza.

2005 Pinot Blanc Tradition, René Muré- $14.99, reorder $11.99
Here’s a white wine we all should be drinking more of. Dry yet fruity, showing notes of mineral, clean on the palate with a smooth finish; it’s under $15, we certainly should be drinking more of this. A great match with dim sum and tapas, it’s just something good to have around for its ability to pair with a wide variety of dishes.

2007 Pinot Grigio, Inacayal Vineyards- $12.99, reorder $10.39
Wait. Wasn’t 2007 just a few days ago? Keep in mind that in the Southern Hemisphere harvest is in March, and this wine hails from Argentina, so we know that this ain’t no Beaujolais Nouveau. It’s Pinot Grigio from below the Equator that is lively on the palate, sports an abundance of fruit buoyed by lively acidity, and finishes with a kiss of honey.

2005 Chianti Montalbano, Enrico Pierzzuoli- $10.89, reorder $8.71
Last call! We’ve enjoyed both tasting and providing you with this medium bodied Chianti from the great vintage of 2005. Well, our supply is winding down, and if January is anything like December, look for this one to be substituted out of the Dirty Dozen mid-month, as our supply is limited. Pair it with meaty Italian dishes or pasta, how ‘bout Osso Bucco?

2005 Cabernet/Syrah, Mas de Guiot- $15.79, reorder $12.63
If Cab/Syrah is your thing, you’ll be delighted with this one. It has the complexity of a wine that would be twice the price if it was from Napa. Dark fruit, brilliant structure, notes of earthiness and leather, definitely the chewiest of this month’s DD. When you’re waiting for that rib-eye to rest after you take it off the heat, pop this.

2005 Grenache Noir, Domaine Gournier- $9.29, reorder $7.43
You just have to admire the Gournier wines. The labels just tell it like it is, no cute animals or family crests, just wine. Grenache is used in most southern Rhône blends, so if you’re looking for an example of it on its own, here’s the ticket.

2005 Fleurie, Domaine des Labourons- $15.99, reorder $12.79
We have our suspicions why a wine of this caliber is well under $20 per bottle. For those in the know, it delivers a ton of value. Delicious fruit, notes of earthiness and forest floor with a fairly lightweight profile. Did we mention the vintage?

2005 Côtes du Rhône Rouge, André Brunel- $12.99, reorder $10.39
Andre Brunel doesn’t need a vintage like ‘05 to get great results, but he got one anyway, so we all benefit. Such an easy wine to love, it’s another versatile one you can pop with a pizza, skirt steak, or just sip it with a baguette and bowl of olives.

2005 Tradicional, Quinta do Alqueve- $10.49, reorder $8.39
Guess that makes it a clean sweep of 2005 Reds. Not a bad thing. This one is fresh off the boat. If you’ve enjoyed this quinta’s blend of 4 grapes from Portugal in other vintages, get a load of this one. It has plenty of ripe fruit, structure, spice, and just the right amount of acidity to clearly make it the most versatile wine pairing-wise in the DD!