Je rêve.
There’s a lot going on these days. Sure, there’s a new Wilco album out, but that’s not what I’m on about.We’ve told you about the recent container which brought loads of goodies from France. Guess what? There’s another French container about to set sail that’s full of good stuff. On its heals is another container from Italy, and then there will be one from Bordeaux! Expect a full warehouse and frantic TWH staff come late November through January! We’re 8 matches into footy season, the Champions’ league resumes Wednesday, and I’ve embarked on a new music venture. So yeah, there’s a lot going on. But still I dream. And I dream big. So I’m thinking about all this stuff and what it’s going to feel like when it all goes down successfully. What to drink? Champagne. Real Champagne.

Early last month I celebrated a birthday, and though I always drink Gold Wine from Barsac/Sauternes on my birthday, my colleagues here at TWH nonchalantly invited me to the tasting table the Friday before, and there before my eyes were several Champagne flutes a-glistenin’. There’s just something about those bubbles. They were perched there, alive and energetic, like thoroughbreds in the gates of the Kentucky Derby waiting to bust out. A glass was handed to me, and as they say, “They’re off!” A quick toast, and a quick sip, and a double take. The Champagne they chose for my birthday? NV Arlaux. I’ve had the Arlaux Champagnes many times over the course of my gig here at TWH, and I’ve had high praise for it as well. But there was something particularly special about this bottle (which came from a recent container). It had all the fruit and mineral complexity, but that brioche/hazelnut nuance was strongly pronounced and we were all amazed at what we had in our glasses. The bottle didn’t last long as we were happily tasting and engrossed in praising the exquisite elixir. Everyone walked away from that tasting with a strong reminder that it’sthe little guys that make truly great Champagne.

So yes, we’re busy getting wine on the water and we’ll probably do something special for our upcoming 34th Anniversary. The holidays are creeping up and will be here before you know it, and with an eye on footy and an ear in the studio, I’ve got a full plate of things to do. I ain’t afraid. With help from my friends and colleagues, it will all go down just fine. And we will drink Champagne. The NV Arlaux Champagne, that is.Peter Zavialoff