It’s no longer news that Sean Parker of Napster fame threw himself a lavish party across the street from The Wine House this past Thursday. The activity outside our door began last Saturday with the building of an outside stage that was only to be dismantled by Monday morning. Permit problems perhaps? Tuesday things ramped up again and the construction crews were hustling. Thank you to all TWH customers who braved the trucks and inconveniences to visit our store. We appreciate your patronage especially since our normally easy parking situation became a bit trickier. Remember, the spaces in front of our store are for our customers and you can always block our loading dock if there aren’t any deliveries being made at the time.


We have some good stories to share if you are curious about what goes on when an event of this scale happens outside your door. There is one story in particular that I can’t resist retelling. It goes like this: a well-dressed woman rushes into our store with a list and asks if we have Wine X or Champagne Y. We had Wine X but not Champagne Y, a recognizable mass-produced label. We suggested the Doquet Rosé but she said it hadto be Champagne Y… specific orders of the band. Three hours later she was back, looking slightly more frazzled, asking for another bottle of Rosé Champagne. Again we didn’t have the label requested, and again we recited the virtues of small-grower Champagne and pointed out the superiority of Pascal Doquet’s Premiers Crus Rosé. She said, (and I’ll paraphrase here) “Great, it’s for Snoop Dogg—we’ve got his fried chicken and mac-n-cheese and now his Rosé Champagne; he’s chill.” I have been expounding the virtues of fried chicken and Rosé Champagne for years. It’s a magnificent combination of high and low, acidity and salty, bubbly and crunchy. My groupie days are long gone. Today my “Rock Stars” tend to be winemakers, but still I can’t help get a kick out of knowing Mr. Gin and Juice was drinking Doquet Rosé, purchased at TWH, before the show! How cool is that? Small-grower Champagnes may have finally found their spokesman. Move over Cristal, Farmer Fizz has arrived on the scene!



Pascal Doquet’s Rosé has a gorgeous vibrant pink color
that immediately delights the eyes, setting all the other senses on alert for something great to come! The aromas gently float up revealing delicately crushed red berry fruit and a lovely yeasty note. The wine is classic Doquet with its subtle fruit notes, stealth minerality and long, long finish. It is refined and sophisticated with an earthy note that surprises and delights….lots of layers lurking beyond that initial wave of berry fruit.

The guys kept the shop open late on Thursday. I wanted to stay too but I felt the start of a cold and I arranged to take Friday off so that I could go on a field trip to a rock quarry with my daughter’s 2nd grade class. Oh, how the mighty fall! At least I got to hear The Killers’ sound check that included a tasty rendition of “(Sittin’On) The Dock of the Bay”.

Anya Balistreri